Earned Accruals

Standard Work Week

Full-time employees work a basic week of 37.5 or 40 hours, depending upon their job assignment. Overtime may be required for certain positions.

Salary Increases

Employee performance is evaluated annually. A full-time employee who received a satisfactory evaluation will receive a salary increment on their anniversary date if the salary range allows for an increment.

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Upon completion of ten (10) years of continuous service, an employee receives a $350 annual bonus, plus $350 for each 5-year period thereafter.


Employees are compensated for authorized hours worked in excess of the basic workweek. (Authorized overtime worked may be compensated in cash or compensatory time off, depending on available funding.)


Annual Leave

Continuous Service Monthly Accrual Days/Year Max Days
00-01 Year 1.00 Day 12 12
02-08 Years 1.25 Days 15 32
09-15 Years 1.50 Days 18 38
16-20 Years 1.75 Days 21 44
21+ Years 2.00 Days 24 50

Sick Leave

Continuous Service Monthly Accrual Days/Year Max Days
00-08 Years 1.25 Days 15 90
09-15 Years 1.25 Days 15 105
16+ Years 1.25 Days 15 120

This is a summary of benefits and is not intended to represent any statement of promise or guarantee. All information is subject to change.

Employees represented by different unions may have different leave accrual policies. For further information about Labor Relations click here.

For additional Leave Policies, refer to Personnel Rules Per 1200.