State Holiday Schedule

The State of New Hampshire recognizes these holidays, which are paid days off, for eligible employees:

New Year's Day (observed) Labor Day
Martin Luther King Jr./Civil Rights Day Veterans' Day (observed)
President's Day Thanksgiving Day
Memorial Day Day after Thanksgiving
Independence Day Christmas Day

Printable Holidays for Calendar Year 2023

Printable Holidays for Calendar Year 2024

Eligibility for Paid Holidays

Full-time employees are eligible for paid holidays beginning on their first day of employment.

Full-time employees are entitled to all designated calendar holidays set by law or the chief executive with approval of council, provided the employees are on pay status on their regularly scheduled workday prior to and after the calendar holiday.

Part-time employees are eligible for holiday pay as long as the holiday falls on the employee’s regularly scheduled work day and they have worked both:

  • The scheduled work day before the calendar holiday; and
  • The scheduled work day after the calendar holiday

* Floating Holidays

In addition to the above noted holidays, some State employees who are employed on a full-time basis may be eligible to accrue either two (2) or three (3) Floating Holidays. The number of floating holidays that an employee may accrue, if any, depends on the agency for whom an employee works and whether an employee is in a represented bargaining unit. For further information go to:

** Holiday Pay Policy

For the State of New Hampshire's policy on paid holidays, please refer to Personnel Rules Per 1302

Employees represented by different unions may have different holiday policies. For further information please click here.